Savarkar Movie

Making of Veer Sawarkar Movie

Somewhere around 1930, Babuji met Veer Sawarkar for the first time along with his father. He sang a few songs for the great patriot after which Sawarkar complimented him and advised to pursue his training in music. Sawarkar also gifted him a book which left a very deep impression on the adolescent Babuji. This book was called ‘mala kay tyache, arthat mopalyache banda’. After that, Babuji read the entire Sawarkar literature and was further impressed and inspired.

When Veer Sawarkar passed away, he did not receive the obituaries that he deserved and his philosophy as well as his extraordinary sacrifices were intentionally kept away from the nation. Babuji wanted that the younger generations of India should learn about Sawarkar as an awe inspiring part of Indian history. He felt that Sawarkar’s life and philosophy had the power to inspire the youth, to make them true nationalists and dedicated good human beings, who could form a brigade of true sons of India.

These thoughts would not allow him to be at peace and he spoke about his intensions of producing a full length biopic on the life of Veer Sawarkar. He discussed this idea with several likeminded people and after some brainstorming, he decided to establish a trust (Sawarkar Darshan Pratishthan) and raise funds from the common people in order to make this biopic.

He worked on this project tirelessly over the years, organizing fund raisers across the world and in India and in parallel working on the movie script, production plans etc. Unfortunately, the script writers and the directors that were roped in, were not on the same wave length as Babuji and the film production was unduly lengthened. Finally, in spite of several disagreements, Ved Rahi completed the biopic as its script writer and director.

Babuji was very happy when the biopic was released and he would invite and personally accompany several dignitaries to Plaza Cinema where he would then buy the tickets from his own money for these invitees. He had the desire to dub this film in all prominent Indian languages so that the youth all over India could benefit and be inspired. After his demise, Sawarkar Darshan Pratrishthan dubbed the movie in Marathi and Gujrati as homage to Babuji.